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SEOUL, KOREA, 2011​~ (W/WEST8)

The project site is a large area in the centre of Seoul with a total area of circa 243 ha that has been in use as a military base for an extensive period both during the Japanese occupation and under post-War American protection. The vision of the park is to create a park in which nature, culture, history and the future are in harmony - healing. The act of healing is a process that transforms the existing site into a world-class park through an awareness of its history, nature, ecology and culture.


Since 2014, many garden- related events have been continuously held and Sooncheon Garden Festival is one of those. In 2016, garden festival moves into and expands its periphery to the center of the city. Instead of normal garden festival, somewhat isolated and detached from everyone’s daily life, it tries to actively engage with people by installing gardens at the center of one of the neighborhoods in Sooncheon. In this way, ‘garden’ becomes a strong tool that revitalizes the Old City.

NEW YORK CITY, USA, 2010~2015 (W/WEST8)

Governors Island is a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor offering an extraordinary vantage point on New York Harbor and its icons, and the chance to experience the sounds and smells of a green Island surrounded by water. The Masterplan accentuates the special qualities of this unique place, and transforms Governors Island into a destination and landmark. The design delivers new hills with heart-stopping views, an oasis for car-free bicycling, and a sense of play in the elements, experiences and sensations of the new park and public spaces.

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